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19 06 2008

Zack Whittaker

The most comprehensive police database: Facebook.

It does touch on some sensitive issues.  One I’m sure the conspiracy theorists, (i.e. readers of blogs like prisonplanet.com) will quickly point out, police with profiles.

Finding ways to interact or communicate with citizens has always been a challenge too Law Enforcement.  The kicker – social media allows you to “hide behind a screen”.   With the good intentions LE may have, they are surfing among vipers.

Let’s not kid ourselves, that is why they (LE) are on Facebook




One response

24 06 2008

I do not understand your reference of Conspiracy theories and Prisonplanet.com?
Alex Jones prides himself on citing all his material. In 6 years of reading infowars and prisonplanet.com and Unknownnews.net, blacklistednews.com
I find that everything is cited, documented, therefore, FACT. It is clear we can no longer depend on MSM to tell us the truth.

sites Conspiracy theories on Prisonplanet.com are cited from include

USAtoday, NY Times, WSJ, San Francisco chronicle, rawstory, cited govt documents, DOJ, .GOV sites, London Telegraph, BBC, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, CSPAN, and the list goes on

It is a sad time in history when most people turn on Comedy Central to watch the real news with such Gatekeepers as Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.

People who consider sites like Prisonplanet and infowars as Conspiracy websites really needs to take a simple logic class with some basic college english classes, so they can learn how to write an article and learn how cited articles are created, produced, and distributed.

In closing might i say that instead of attacking people who archive the news, maybe people should direct their attack toward the editors of the cited articles found on Prisonplanet, and simply write a Letter to the Editor.

As Alex says “He wishes he could make up the stuff he shares with his readers.”

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