Zoom in after – thanks Hollywood.

18 06 2008

Thanks to Hollywood’s glamorous effort, Zooming in on a event in the archive is something consumers have been lead to believe is possible, almost standard.

Nothing could be further from the truth. PTZ camera’s allow user’s this Zoom opportunity – when your live streaming. The classic is when user’s ask to review a previous event an Zoom in. You can, however the result is actually an enlarged image. Dependent on the pixel’s imaging, the same effect is viewable by taking a common photo an blow it up.

Next on the list of Thanks – wireless camera’s still need power. Once we get past the understanding a wireless environment has too first be in place. Location of the devise still needs power. Which is why in our showroom, we display Fused Power Supply boxes. An thankfully that has saved more issues from discontentment than anything else. We like wireless camera’s an they have made some good advancements in recent months. However, regardless what you may read on other blogs/sites, a better image is ALWAYS OBTAINED, using cable.

With the proof in the pudding, I enjoy watching the faces of prospects when showing them the images the camera’s produce in my showroom from their location. Something I yet too see being done by anyone . Yes, they promote Remote access. Do you actually get too “SEE” this in action prior to purchasing a solution.

Enough said.




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19 06 2008

Thank you for your article. I think a major challenge for people when considering a video surveillance system is their expectations. While cameras can do a lot to improve home security and commercial security and continue to advance, certain limits still exist. I think the most important thing is to partner with a security system provider that can demonstrate what their system does and backs it with a satisfaction guarantee.

19 06 2008
John Feeney

Satisfaction generally starts with “Realistic” expectations.

1) you test drive a car.
2) you watch a HD TV
3) you play with a Digital camera

Surveillance camera – nothing, that has to change

17 07 2008

Usefool post, thx

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