Surveillance Solutions – PC Based vs Standalone DVRs

9 06 2008

How do you choose between a Standalone DVR or PC-based DVR system? Generally this question should start with what features are you looking for. But in cutting to the chase, two particular points should not be overlooked:

Camera – Resolution / Remote Access (viewing)

There is a definite difference – most Standalones record at about 320×240 per camera. While PC Based Recorders can be up to 720×480 resolution. So it depends on how high of a quality you are looking for in the recorded images. Basic systems for home or small business a Standalone DVR would be a good choice.

The Remote Viewing capabilities are drastically different. Alnet System DVR Cards allow you to view your cameras remotely over a web page, through the included PC Remote Client Software over a PDA Phone or PDA with internet access, or even a Windows Smartphone. in Naperville, IL has been helping area home owners and businesses tackle these very same issues, without the $10K price tag.




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