Is your current Surveillance Solution in need of review

23 05 2008

Current Technologies Corp, Chicago Reseller of Surveillance Solutions. Would like the opportunity to speak with people about Safety & Security Issues.

One of CTCs core competences is the installation or upgrade of surveillance solutions. Basically, moving clients forward in technology advancements, CCTV Analog to IP Network Video systems

· Allow remote access
· Zoom
· Time-stamped records
· 30 day record

Axis Communications is CTCs primary camera solution of choice.

Either upgrading cameras or adding additional locations, or expanding the management tools. CTC addresses clients ever changing needs. Obviously, CTC would like the opportunity of offering these types of services to your operations here in Chicago.

The trouble is finding the proper person, i.e Facility mgr, Production Mgr, or IT Director, that actually sees the proper use of camera’s within a facility for purposes of other than “is Mary and Joe at their desk”.

On demand – means tracking an order from inventory through shipping. We all can agree any tool that can enhances a companies workflow needs reviewing.




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