Criminal Justice Online: CCTV: Constant Cameras Track Violators

7 04 2008

Criminal Justice Online: CCTV: Constant Cameras Track Violators

Today citizens are challenged with how far they want Surveillance Technology too impact their lives. The initial reaction heard by many: lose of privacy.

Not withholding the need of public safety, a more common response: “if the nature of people were not so negative, this need would not have be developed…”
The current climate of stress within the community, just surviving the cruel nature of everyday rising cost, takes hold of many individuals common sense when addressing their neighbors. The horizon is not looking that much better, unemployment gives birth to crime…period.

Surveillance has now become a necessary tool for Law Enforcement. Of course we must ensure the proper use of this technology and the focus of Public Safety has too lead this campaign. It all starts with Traffic Violators. An when done right, this technology can create needed funds for struggling villages/towns. A policeman can only write so many tickets a day, a camera?

We’re challenged everyday with increased traffic flow and we all have experienced the crazy driver that by their actions creates more problems than just them being totally careless with their surrounding envirnoment.




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