Firefox: Yes we do have a option….

11 02 2008

At the Southern California Linux Expo, (SCALE) Chris Blizzard of Mozilla provided insight into the future of the Firefox web browser. Firefox’s mobile potential – caught my eye. Thanks again to the people for providing this update.

As the Mobile World Conference kicks off in Barcelona Spain (Feb 11-13) we need to take a step back an view one small application that continually is over looked – browser. Microsoft has taken every advantage to secure that and ensure (like PCs) you don’t have an option. Apple – took care of iPhone, but what about the new players hoping to enter this market. In our opinion, if Mozilla continues to just rely on downloads, Open Source will miss another opportunity to move forward in today’s enterprises. Google I hope your reading this, someone has to challenge Microsoft on all fronts, Mobile units are the platform that needs something other than MS solutions.

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