RIAA: Move copyright filtering from ISPs to users’ PCs

7 02 2008

Internet filtering suffers from a fatal flaw: it can’t filter what it can’t understand. If P2P protocols adopt encryption, filtering will lose much of its effectiveness, and the RIAA boss knows it. His solution? Move the filter onto your PC. We still find this attitude unacceptable.

Arguably content providers agree filters should be in place and yes all the way down to the users unit (modem). Following the idealism of this, when does advertisment cross the line. Having control of what is deemed acceptable content challenges the fundamental concept of an Open Neutral Internet. This type of monitoring applied to users’ without their acceptance[hence “homeland security”], or the possible idea without it, content will be blocked, should signal the people need to wake-up. But since most don’t want the burden of “responsibility” they just cave into what they are told is for their own good. RIAA has the position of protecting copyrights, we agree. But not at the expense of treating all users’ as incapable of being responsible. I’ll agree to filtering for copyrights, but not until you also allow me control of “Unwanted” ads. And that includes my cell/Smart Phone.

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