Oregon Attorney General demans disclosure of RIAA’s methods

3 12 2007

I’m a little shocked it took so long for this action to come forward, an from Oregon no less. The University of Oregon like all said places of learning does a have an obligation to protect it’s students/facility and members. Like most forward thinking areas of life a university always encouraged freedom, yet RIAA has been pretty successful at scare tactics with other know places. It’s about time someone took up the question of discovery.

Anti-Piracy advocates continue to focus on small meaningless targets. Either to add merit to their cause or in most cases collect from someone who is just wants them to go away, bully tactics. But the university has a point here, spying on students? Of course, RIAA’s response smoke screens the idea like their looking out for the students best interest and security.

The problem I have with all this is simple. University of Oregon should rally the troops, not just on their campus but the entire state of Oregon. RIAA watch dogs need to have the rope tightened or put them in a different yard. There focus may have merit, but the methods they employ on the targets they choose has too be called into question. Better yet, they are violating something here…..

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