Comcast – BitTorrent {place your bets here}

15 11 2007

A California man filed suit in state court Tuesday against internet service provider Comcast, arguing that the company’s secret use of technology to limit peer-to-peer applications such as BitTorrent violates federal computer fraud laws, their user contracts and anti-fraudulent advertising statutes.

Why? Does not Comcast have the Right to service their customers, how they see it? Not like you don’t have a choice of service{s}. BitTorrent is still, if not the best, site for “patchs” and “work arounds”. BitTorrent should be praised for bringing PRICE into the mix. $40 vs a download is a no-brainer. Warner Home Video’s agrees by addressing piracy in China with Fairy Tail pricing we may never see here in the US. But shouldn’t matter it will come from China anyway….

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