Comcast filters – it’s about time…..

22 10 2007

The big boys finally took a step forward in addressing piracy/Copy Rights. Obviously, they came to grips with where video may or may not take them. They are in agreement on principle trusting the industry users too lead in this development cannot continue. Some of the guidlines they set:

— Implementation of state of the art filtering technology with the goal to eliminate infringing content on UGC services, including blocking infringing uploads before they are made available to the public;

— Upgrading technology when commercially reasonable;

— Cooperating to ensure that the technology is implemented in a manner that effectively balances legitimate interests, including fair use;

— Cooperation in developing procedures for promptly addressing claims that content was blocked in error;

— Regularly using the technology to remove infringing content that was uploaded before the technology could block it;

— Identification and removal of links to sites that are clearly dedicated to, and predominantly used for, the dissemination of infringing content; and,

— Promotion of content-rich, infringement-free services by continuing to cooperatively test new technologies and by collaboratively updating these principles as appropriate to keep current with evolving developments.

Clearly we must understand this is an agreement or meeting of the minds. An with Comcast stepping out from the behind the curtain seems like minds already had this notice in the works. We can also hear the moaning taking place among those that believe their personal rights are violated, please. When did it become a personal right too steal?

A local radio station, WGN here in Chicago, brought forth this same issue. Does Comcast have the right to interupt connection from users utilizing servers that promote the sharing of Copy Right material. Hell yes they do. It’s their network, at lets face the fact these same minds are advertisers they have to support.

The internet with it’s “Free” will, has opened the gates to many that took a major left turn. What started out neat, has now turned into a sub-culture all it’s own.

Those of us in the business of protecting Copy Right material have always felt nobody is listening and yes even though we are futher down the food chain than most, we do feel the effects. We know for a fact, potential business goes too other suppliers because they don’t care, an feel there is no potential back-lash.

Piracy goes a lot deeper than uploads/downloads, just knowing the actions taken place fall under the pretext of inconvience should help bring awareness to thousands that spend their hard earned money in proper services. It is amazing the number of comments posted on numerous sites, reflects the fact individuals believe they have the right too obtain “Free” Copy Right material. Since you cannot stop this, making it harder is a simple path.




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25 10 2007

Great to hear this perspective through all the Digg sheeple BS. Found this funny pic:

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