Support – Stamp out Piracy

16 10 2007

Disc Duplication and Piracy – you’ll notice the banner link we posted on our front page today, Stamp out Piracy. We support the awareness campaign headed by this new site. Piracy is something we all must take responsibility for and our business is in the front row, right behind the numerous sites that push the limits until their shut down. announce they finally are putting up filters to address this. Mainly, too stop people from first posting rouge videos, than also find activity from hot connections that may be the culprit. Even TelCom companies are picking up the pace in monitoring downloads, Halo 3 kept a few busy.

By posting a link to people need to realize the first step in protecting your content is Copy Rights, without it all you can do complain. But it helps, when sources like finally start getting serious about addressing the issue or more to the point, start cleaning up their act for other projects down the road. Google is now a target, household name and industry leader that banks on advertisement dollars. An any good publishing business understands the simple facts, don’t upset the flow the dollars. In the coming months we will see new innovations around digital downloads, not so much the technology as the actual sources. Sony is working on a Enterprise PS3 for music and Games. Can you picture every company lunch room with an arcade….

With piracy we must include DRM. Sites like have started offering DRM free selections. Granted to the purest quality does come into play, however the issue is “Fair Use”. The concept of obtaining multi-licenses for the same purchased item so you can “rip” them to other appliances seems a bit unfair. DRM is just that Digital Rights too control the distribution. Let’s be clear, “Fair Use” within a household does “NOT” mean the entire family tree 3 generations deep

We do encourage each of you to visit “Stamp Out Piracy” and show your support. In the long run it will only help all of us. We here will continue our own efforts by insuring clients sign a IPR form. Declaring they are the author of said content. An yes we do keep them on file and have in the past been requested to produce such documentation.

Disc Duplication is more than just making disc’s. There is a responsibility.




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