2007 Chicago International Film Festival

10 10 2007

October is the month everything starts coming to life. This is quite evident when we look at Local Film producers here in Chicago. One of the best sources we found for up-to-date highlights and events:


Our support for indie artist’s is not solely focused on musicians as one might think. The new age of digital development has enlisted a whole new group of participants otherwise locked out.

With the 2007 Chicago International Film Festival running thur Oct 17th, there are numerous opportunities to take advantage of seeing productions that are not main-stream but the grass-roots of future producers that for a short period, put Chicago on the map compared to LA or NY.

The opportunity one of our clients will be show-cased is always an exciting time for us, this year not so lucky. But we do congratulate the 7 local filmmakers that made the spotlight

Note: one of our production staff members recently did a stand-in extra for the new BATMAN movie recently shot here in Chicago. If the shot makes it pass the cut-room, you can bet we’ll be forced to post something….




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