TorrentFreak: I was buying music online…

5 10 2007

In the aftermath of the recent demonoid turmoil, A former music buyer posted an open letter to the CRIA – an impressive summary of what’s wrong with the music industry and how they alienate their customers. This runs along side the current story you see flashing across your monitor: RIAA wins case in Minnesota – $222,000.Its amazing how much energy is spent on “recovery”, like fixing the barn “after” the horse in out… The digital age gave us the ability to share files, We just took it in a direction they were not prepared for. We’re not debating whether one should or should not pay a fee, but the attack is on the sources. Which means they control the actual distribution clear down to the user. In any other sector of life, this path leads to “Monopoly” an subject too Anti-Racketeering Laws. Now would it not be Darwin like, the same laws that put these organizations in power will be their death. At this point, it’s highly unlikely, but all your doing is fueling the minds of people to find new ways around paying for “sub-par” content.

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