Health Care – Access "YOUR" Medical Records

26 09 2007

A few month ago we here @ EZ Duplication got involved making pre-labeled blank CDs for Hospital Groups – Personal Medical Records (PMRs). As pointed out, the high grade media units. is already being used in OEM duplication units. Pre-labeled media saves on ordering the dreaded ink cartridges. And if anyone really took a look at that expensed item…

Like all areas we support, I investigate the potential growth or overall acceptance of this service too others. What I have found needs to be shared.

Like all election platforms – Health Care is a hot button. But what seems to be hidden from this volumn of speech’s is not “we” should be taking responsibility for our own Health Care. But what about the distribution or transfer of “Our” medical records from one source to another. An considering that is something that goes with the territory when “changing” providers. What are we suppose to do? Most Hospital/Doctor Groups give the option to “Purchase” these records which can be formatted on a DVD/CD.

Like the future of this business, Digital or Online Access is preferred. Of course this not wide spread yet but we’re headed in the right direction. Dossia – a Non-Profit organization who’s goal (w/collaboration Omnimedix)to make your records accessible in the event of a emergency or disaster, has gathered some large companies in bring this too life. Like all great ideas they some how end up in court before we get to see results.

Mind you the companies involved are doing this for their employees. But what about the SMBs of the world, like us for example. My Pocket MD (Wellington, Fl) could be the answer, subscription programs that put access back in your hands and digital images (which is key). Don’t confuse this with Pocket MD (West Fargo, ND) who has tackled the VA hospital system, (hell of a proving ground)and is now expanding their expertise to other systems.
[NOTE: notice the domain names on each link. There’s a fight waiting to happen]

All in all HIPPA keeps referring to “Our Medical Records” with security and privacy issues. But know one can tell me: Why does it cost me $$$ to have a copy or access? As a fine associate of mine stated: “welcome too Health Care, everybody wants everything and nobody wants to pay for it”.

Take moment an ask yourself: how would I obtain a copy of my Medical Records? Records mind you NOT Digital Images, that is gold.




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