Digital Rights Strategies – using DRM correctly

21 09 2007
“I think there is a role for DVD burning,” said Scott Smyers, VP of network and systems architecture for Sony Electronics. “My kids have a lot of DVDs that they play in the car, and after a few trips, they’re often unplayable. So I rip and burn them to protect the originals,” an illegal act that the CSS copy-protection system on DVDs was designed to prevent.

This is a voice we all can relate too. Especially those that have kids and the libraries of movies we have too maintain for those trips. Consumer backlash is fueled on the concept what is “Fair Use”. For some reason the media giants have no possible bend in accepting anything along those lines. They want to stick with the concept each “appliance” needs a license. Any thing that circumvents that Draconian pulse of greed should an must be addressed as piracy, hence illegal.

Don’t get us wrong we believe in licensing, but DRM an all the protective magic it has, is hurting the growth of this market. Everyday we’re bombarded with Do’s and Don’ts and mainly this comes from people not old enough or responsible enough too have that thirteen year old with demands, with the evil eyes of why can’t we.

New opportunities present themselves everyday an we for one believe this need for greed is getting out of hand. Would you pay a $1,000 + for a server library that could distribute content through your home’s network? There is a resounding YES. The consumer is going to have to take a stand here and just exert their inherent strength an stop buying into these new technologies if we have not explored how too expand what we already have.

But alas the thirteen year old…We’re going to pay the price, but atleast they know how to Rip & Burn




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