China enters the sub-$200 HD DVD war……

19 09 2007

As I stated prior, China will use its manufacturing
power and take advantage with a “First Strike”
approach to sub $200 Hi Def units.

Using logistic angles of coming through Canada,
Venturer Electronics will be distributing the unit.
With that said, I wonder if the pricing is in Canadian
dollars? Either way you have to admire the
approach of entering the US Market through
Canada. Maybe it has something to do with Imports?
China has had a little problem with that as of late.

Wal-Mart has come right out an said they have no
plans of carrying the item during holiday season.
Either because their commitments to Sony and
Toshiba an others don’t allow it or as stated by
one official: our focus is best value on leading
consumer products.

this does open the door for 2nd tier outlets to take
advantage of perceived consumer demand. I say
that with tongue in cheek, because the flip flop that
has been dumbed upon the market does not allow
for any clear intelligent decision making about how
long this appliance will be part of our entertainment
center. Follow the steps:

a) Choose between Blu-Ray or HD DVD

b) Blu-Ray has more titles available (today)

c) Toshiba signs exclusive format deals with
movie makers for HD DVD

d) Samsung agrees on a chip supplier –
support their new Dual Format player.

e) seeing dual formats of selected titles.

f) China already stated developing their
own Hi Def format.

We still would like too see if these new units can
be upgraded with “firmware” for zone free or just
accommodate this new format




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