17 09 2007

A good portion of our business is/an will be for
some time, upstart musicians. Filling their dreams
as all of us should by making that next great hit.

Most come to us hoping to fulfill the request of
their audience at Live Shows, an of course make
a extra buck on the side. But where could you
put a track that would and should be listened
to by people that just might have an opinion

Well you need to visit: OURSTAGE.COM

Online active site, that encourages you too submit
your creations for prizes/cash an maybe that golden
chance of being noticed. In true form to reality
shows the audience has the deciding vote on what
is good or needs a little work. There is only 6 days
left for this months contest.

So pass it along to all your musical friends, the
next great artist could be in our mists…..




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