We’re moving in the Right direction…

11 09 2007

Last week it became offical MCPS-PRS Alliance and Google Inc (owner of YouTube) agreed too “license” more than 10 million pieces of music for use on the British version of the Web site.

For those unfamiliar, MCPS-PRS Alliance collects royalties for composers, songwriters and publishers. They still have to work the details in deciding how to distribute the revenues, but heck that’s better than doing nothing except filling the court room with litigation debates.

Keep in mind this comes on heels of the pending “Hulu” site brain child of NBC Universal/News Corp due for beta release in Oct. And tackles the problem of wide-spread piracy head on.

Reports/rumors/blogs indicate similiar plans are in the works for the United States, however I’m alittle unsure with RIAA lick’en their cops. Considering the resent set-backs they have encured and whether they actually do distribute said funds received from previous actions based on copy right infringements.

Considering the “Global” market place our technology has developed, the next phase of this plan is going to be interesting. As an author/songwriter/artist you can now be in control of exactly where the content will be distributed based on revenue received. And that is a true business model.




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