Samsung BD-UP5000, its all about the chip (SoC)…

7 09 2007

Dual formatted units from Samsung took a step
forward yesterday when they selected
Broadcom SoC Technology for the processor.

Broadcom & Qualcom have been in a bitter court
battle of late over licensing agreements and
monopoly charges. The news comes with
chicken or the egg question? Judge rules Broadcom
can move ahead with their claim, Samsung commits
to buy the chip.

But lets add little drama, as I said before, Sony and
Toshiba square off with aligning their partnerships
based on “title” formats. Two Japanese companies
fighting for “land”, then Korea shows up with its
manufacturing capabilities an steals the prize.
{never under estimate the deep rooted conflict
between these two nations people} Blu-Ray
Association comes out early this week with a
flame-waver “format war will end in 18 months”.

Too some this means hurray a winner. I ask OK,
where’s the new next format:
Sunplus unveils new generation DVD player platform

related: Qualcom – when Lawyer quits….




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