– Affordable Copy Rights

5 09 2007

Legal Services advertising has finally hit a new level.
Even this morning I was hit with a 30 sec TV spot,
that unlike others, made sense enough for me to
visit the site.

Copy Rights is continually brought up in numerous
chat rooms, blogs, forums or any place where the
subject of piracy enters. And like most entries
seldom is there a solid answer from a Lawyer. is the first place I found that
addresses these questions and applies “Legal”
guidance. How, What When an Why.

The kicker – $149.00. Believe me I was
shocked to read that part. Online Self Help
Legal Services is not new, however I would question
if the others actually have financial backing.

This falls in line with our current polices of
protecting original works from pirates. And
yes we see them on a daily basis.

Mind you, Lawyers in general do like this
approach, Cookie cutters. Welcome to the
real-world, $149.00 is something I can spend
too protect my original work.





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