Do you have copies of your medical records?

4 09 2007

A growing series of developments within the
medical community is the digitization of records

Like all areas, changing from “paper” to digital
is something that’s easier said than done. There
is not a office or clinic anyone can visit an
not see waves of file folders, indexed, numbered,

This article points out a number of advancements
that should, could and are possible. But where
it stops short is the actual interaction with the

Most are totally unaware that you can request and
receive a copy of your records. As pointed out,
some Medical centers even have the network set-up
for individual access.

Companies like Codonics have taken the
lead role in bringing technology to
all levels of radiology/diagnostic depts.

These units actually are just a step-up from
an ink-jet based duplicator. The opportunity
we see is supplying pre-labled medical grade
media. Cost savings on ink cartridges ($40
a crack), an less time processing should only
be seen as an advantage to growing centers.

If the centers are creating disc for referring
doctors, they should be able to provide you one.




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