Phase 2 – 8cm Blu-Ray disc from TDK (Imation)

31 08 2007

Blu-Ray Association is starting to flex some muscle
in other areas of recordable media that HD DVD
will scramble to convert. Through an RSS feed
received this morning (, Imation
announced release of TDK brand 8cm recordable
Blu-ray Discs.

[For those not keeping up with consolidation
in media manufactures Imation Corp. (NYSE:IMN)
closed acquisition of TDK brand in July.]

The focus is camcorder users. Postings from
the Blu-Ray Association (as far back as 05′)
explains camcorder manufactures are switching
to Blu-ray with product release sometime in 08′
{typically Mar/Apr – when your finally caught up
paying for Christmas or income tax return shows}.
The home entertainment center is now the
battle ground, with the wanna-be directors
having access 1080i HD video.

These advancements are nice, an only proves
the battle for format supremacy will continue
well into 08′ and 09′.




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