Glad too read my thinking is not far off…..

27 08 2007

Even Video is looking into Wal Mart and
how the predicted $200 player will influence the market.

The safe-guard at this point, revolves around compliance
issues. We’re not sure exactly what that entails but the
connection between China’s play for a new DVD
format and their capacity to manufacture goods not
only in volume but cost sensitive, lends the mind
too Open Source thinking.

Following hardward is the standard path. This
new format could be instantly established. Like
all recorders firmware is used to update the units.
Though many still don’t use it until something goes
wrong, this method of control or change makes
sense when items are already in place.

We all can agree in a supply driven economy
price will always be the leading factor. At
present movie houses understand their profit
margins based on current volumn sales. What
their not sure of , if they lowered prices would
there be an increase. An if so how much?

The point here is whether a new format
will have any meaning.




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