Samsung – Where’s the Dual HD DVD/Blu Ray unit?

22 08 2007

We can tell summer is over, spin-doctors are primed
and ready. With a kick-off of starting a new job or
having a new budget released, our Pros of vibe just
needing something to do.

After we basically thought, dreamed, prayed, blogged
and posted every vile notice from “I hate you…” to
“don’t care..” this HD DVD – Blu-Ray battle will
just not go away.

Testing the waters of feed back or should we say
– looking for the response they want to hear – numbers
of actual sales per format in comparison to the total #
of DVDs sold so far, only measured 2%. With no
surprise Blu Ray was ahead. Not that more titles were
available had anything to do with numbers. HD DVD
side needed to shake things up. Standing on the
platform “we are a better technology” just doesn’t
fire up the crowds anymore.

Paramount and Dream Works cut a deal,
Michael Bay (Transformers) first post a rant, then
retracts for a more subtle approach. [personally I
believe like most, directors sitting in the wings for
part 2 had alot to do with this switch] you know
Toshiba sweetened that pot before cooking.

Army’s are gathering the troops, Generals have
conveyed a message of victory is within their
grasp, $200 players will open the bottle neck.

What victory? Conquering the consumer by
telling us what is a deal or better yet, throwing
out all rules of profit and put a price point even
Wal Mart would be proud of. Let’s just make
a mockery of those that purchased a new format
within the last 6 months seeing the same item
drop like the value of a dollar.

I want to know where the dual unit (HD DVD/Blu Ray)
Samsung and even Ricoh were talking about as
early as April of this year. The market is just
about prime, consumers love choice and getting
one unit that puts “I don’t care about format…”
as a tag line, come on….

This is business war. Here’s a grenade China,
considering you could flood the American market
with just about anything, what a bang up time
for you too step forward and show the Japanese
your in every home. Of course their strut would
be “you still would need our titles..” [trust me
Japanese companies don’t cut deals without
some assurances of ownership] Really, your
price is too high and by the way they have
not caught all the pirates, its the wild-west
baby this could be fun…..




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