Pro Pack – just a better solution for your CD/DVD Project

10 08 2007

PRO Pack
our most popular project
Addressing the growing
cost of shipping or
distributing your project.
Unlike the jewel case, there
is nothing to break. More
cost effect than a clam-shell,
less total weight shipping, but more important no need of an
additional “Mailing” carton.

250pcs $525.00

Full color cardboard sleeve gives great presents to the
contents your delivering. Those of you heading on the
road shortly for seminars/trade shows needing to save
space should bring this option up to your marketing
dept. Never see them carry anything.

Yes, we do support a wide array of packaging
solutions. But always comes down to cost and
where you can get the most for your dollar with
out creating additional costs, which is always

Are approach here is find solutions, not just
taking requests.




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