Pirates more important than Bank Robbers?

18 06 2007

Like most travelers of cyber space, click-through has a
way of not just getting your attention, it puts you on
the same path as others…follow this cup of coffee….

CDFreaks.com starts this journey when a forum
question was posed about protecting against piracy.
Which too me made perfect sense, a complete site
devoted to ripping, burning, copying with all the lastest
tools, software and work-arounds. A simple school
program, make some disc’s sell for profit. This really
caught my eye a principle which Discovery Channel
made a series, protect your house hire a burgler.

Initial response, is the content actually yours to protect?
Which is proper, I just find it funny that the forum went
dead silent. The moderator had to step in an re-direct
the point on topic. “This is not a legal forum …”, think
about that a moment we’ll come back too that.

The link suggested – Ken Fischers post @ ARS Technology:
NBC/Universal general counsel Rick Cotton suggests that
society wastes entirely too much money policing crimes
like burglary, fraud, and bank-robbing when it should be
doing something about piracy instead.

And of course this leads to – Paul Sweeting @ ContentAgenda
The Motion Picture Assn. of America(MPAA) is joining
forces with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce

which ends up at the Chambers: Global Anti-Counterfeiting
and Piracy Initiative (CACP)

ARS Technology atleast points out it’s agenda prior to making
observational commentary, which is honorable enough, not
taking either side but presenting the issue for your personal
input. Content Agenda (part of the Reed Elsevier Inc.)
could not pass up an opportunity in promoting the fact
MPAA shared a stage with National Assn.of Manufacturers
and the pharmaceuticals industry unveiling a program
too realign federal law enforcement. You did read that
correct, re-align Federal Law Enforcement.
[US Chamber of Commerce – second attempt to
actually grab some issue for National Exposer.
Coalition against wasteful Lawsuits is still
floating around].

I was doing ok with juggling both sides: protecting
copyrights vs fair use But when you throw together
Capitalist who’s pursuit of gain has the potential of
relegating the safety and security of its citizens, rearing
the ugly head property before people, I have to pull
the emergency cord.

The mere notice a coalition has the potential of
directing the public’s Law Enforcement priorities is
not new. Bringing forth this concept can be “bought”,
should also bring about the real nature of this coalition
– Greed.

History has a way of sometimes loosing facts, but lets
try an fill in some blanks. Authorities or governing
body(s) were basically pillaging a country or people
for its riches. Pirates were born from the same seed
of greed they just spotted a quicker way. An when
they (pirates) became organized the real excitement
started. But let’s not get too carried away with the
fantasy, pirates Ara came to an end when the
merchant ships were no-longer carrying the riches,
the well went dry.

Here’s a thought, 70% of all pirated material
comes though our own borders on containers
shipped from China.

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