CIRC test: Does your Duplicator even know what it is?

18 04 2007

Before we begin production of any initial order (and to assure that your disc meets the highest quality standards) we conduct a CIRC test beforehand. This tests for data errors that ALL DISCS HAVE Yes your disc, our discs, in fact EVERY disc you have ever burned or purchased in retail HAS DATA ERRORS! Yes from your trusty old Beatles CD, to your latest and greatest Star Wars DVD, they ALL have data errors. THE KEY to high quality standards is to assure that the master has a VERY LOW amount of errors in the first place! If your master failed the CIRC test, then we are simply letting you know beforehand, so corrective steps can be taken to assure that your final discs are indeed top notch.

But I played the master and it was perfect how can it have errors?

Great question the truth is your player has firmware built into the drive itself, one of the primary jobs of the drive firmware is to detect these errors and COMPENSATE for them during the READ. In other words, the drive itself detects the errors and “fixes” them for you automatically for a flawless playback – THIS is why you never heard the error in the first place! The problem with these errors (when they are severe or alarmingly too high) is that they can result in playback problems for the final discs and/or even affect the longevity of the final discs! Here is a real world example: Lets say you bought your Beatles CD years ago and now the CD itself looks like you drug it behind your car (numerous physical scratches, finger smudges, etc.. ) but it still plays perfectly!! WHY?? Yes each finger smudge, physical surface scratch, etc.. DOES increase the error count of the data – but because the CD had a LOW amount of errors to begin with, (back when it was brand new) these extra errors are still within your player’s ability to detect and correctŠ for a flawless playback! LIKEWISE: you may purchased or burned a disc that looks practically brand new (maybe only tiny baby scratches, finger smudges, etc) and even though the disc looks great its still skips or won’t play properly!! WHY?? Most likely the CD had a HIGH LEVEL OF ERRORS to begin with, so much so that even one little “baby scratch” or extra “finger smudge” was the straw that broke the camel’s back resulting in a playback problem! This scenario stresses WHY conducting a CIRC test beforehand is so important Sadly many companies skip the crucial step and/or could care less about the master quality — OUCH!! Rest assured DISCMASTERS care’s deeply about ALL of our customers and we conduct this test to assure that your disc master quality is indeed world class! (i.e. that’s one of the reason’s why we’re called Disc MASTERS ahhh! 😉

O.K. so what’s my solution how do we address this problem?
Even Better question DISCMASTERS gives you the option of sending us a new replacement master (no charge of course) or if you prefer, we can attempt to correct the problem for you (additional $45 fee would then apply). If you do decide to send us a new master, we suggest using a top name brand disc and burning your master at 4x to 8x speed for CD or 1x to 4x speed for DVD — no faster or slower if at all possible too fast of a burn (or even too slow) can result in higher CIRC error rates)

For the technically minded and non-believers (there’s always a few in every crowd):
Simply go to any search engine (Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.. ) and type in “CIRC error” ( or even the worst error of all — the dreaded “E-32 error” ) and you can learn volumes on the subject!! OR CALL US toll free 1-888-430-DISC (we’re always happy to help) DISCMASTERS we’re all about YOU!

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