Has does your duplicator answer questions??

11 04 2007

Sometimes these conversations need to
be passed along…

What type of DVD will you be using? I normally use DVD-R
because they’re more compatible with older DVD players.
As for playback compatibility I can tell you that all DVDs
are indeed digitally verified against the master DVD you
provided to us last week. As such the DVDs are an exact
digital match to your original DVD. If a particular player
has a problem with YOUR MASTER DVD, then yes the
DUPLICATED DVD (being an exact match) will behave
identically. If you want to assure yourself of 100% DVD
compatibility, then we would need a DLT master from
you (instead of the DVDR you supplied).

To be clear, you requested duplication of your supplied
master (which was a DVDR) and NO DVD-R media is
100% compatible in the marketplace! To make matters
worse, Recordable media can have mixed results during
playback depending on the particular drive, firmware
version, make and model.

Also you should know that YOUR SUPPLIED MASTER
does play fine in our newer systems here at DISCMASTERS,
but your DVD MASTER does NOT play fine in our Sony 7000
(Sony’s old top of the line player)…but this is fairly typical for
DVDR masters, which is further evidenced by the fact that
the newer players worked fine with your Master. Obviously
your DVD Master did not break on the 7000 and then
magically fix itself on a different player, and the data on your
master must therefore be in tact, otherwise NONE would play!
Again, DVDR media is NOT 100% compatible, and neither
is your supplied master for duplication.

To put you at ease… I suggest you bring your DVD player
(the one you tested/mentioned) with you when you pick these
up I’d be happy to demonstrate that the DVD copies are
indeed an exact duplicate of your original DVD and play




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