EMI will give Who’s music away????

3 04 2007

Reviewing the numerous headlines: EMI drops DRM
it begs too question when does the other shoe drop?

Non-DRM songs cost more ($1.29), but provide the higher
quality of content. Did they take a page from the Telcom
industry when they first announced: “Your phone calls are free!”

As anticipated numerous sites host a wide array of feedback.
Good, who cares, what’s the point, an even a suggestion the
next step would be adding a surcharge to your cable bill to
encourage downloads. Through it all (2) things stand out:

1) Apple Corp which owns Beatles,
does not sign on too this.
2) EMI statement, we listen to
our consumers requests.

It maybe early, an I’m just guessing, if I signed on with
EMI as an artist am I just wavering my Right(s) to have
DRM on my content to protect it from piracy? Does
my percentage change depending upon which format
they download? Just cannot help too think the newest
databases or P2Ps will now explode with content, to
the point artist(s) are now going to concentrate on the
business vs music. Release a couple songs then go
so far as too making a CD only available at LIVE
Concerts, $12.00 a CD still has good profit.

EMI listens their customers at the expense of the artist.
Too listen to them they believe $0.99 is to much.
More downloads means consumers will be
wanting large capacity players which is really what
Apple is looking for. Again at the expense of the artist.

David Bowie, Elvis Costello, Korn an let’s not forget
the greatest Rock Band Rolling Stones, why have we
not heard from them. I’m sure Nashville is on the
phone, the Colonel rolled over in his grave hearing
just the possibility Elvis is FREE……oh that’s right
EMI will only do that with lesser talent,
calling it market exposer




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