PreLabled CDs/DVDs ….burn your own content…

22 02 2007

With ever present watch-dogs at our door step, duplicators
are forced, (w/good reason)to monitor the content they
produce. One common theory when producing such is,
“it’s not for Re-Sale so it should be alright”. Wrong

Services that understand the policies in place with respect
to Digital Rights Management (DRM) or Copy Rights are
now having to choose, which they should, an walk away
from projects. From a business that is looking for an
opportunity without encountering the legal possibilities,
there is an option.

One solution which may help is focus on the packaging.
CD Jacket (Album cover for CD) and Pre-labled CDs.
For us this just makes life easier for the personal events
we want to support – Weddings – Promotions – Parties.
Each week we receive numerous requests of duplicating
disc’s that actually have copy written material on them.
Favorite song list the new bride/groom want too share
with their guests or video clip a company sees as a
potential learning tool. They contact us hoping too
receive support with the “it’s not for ReSale” theme.

Granted this is a thin line, but lets take a step back.
Move your efforts from inkjet w/water resistant labels
to a high quality finished disc. CD Jacket makes for
easier display and shipping. CD shipping cost is now
more expensive @ USPS because of Jewel cases.

Companies should take advantage of this for their
marketing departments and internal usage. Why not
add a little flexibility too your professional image.
DJ’s – your audience is always asking for demo’s or
copies of your song lists.

We want your business, there are guidelines and
policies which need to be adhered too. It does
not mean we will not try too figure-out something.




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23 02 2007

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