LiteOn.IT – Turns up burn speed…

30 01 2007

Now that we have gotten past the first wave of
new format hype, whether it’s HD DVD or
Blu-Ray, the market results are proving it will
be awhile before full-scale adoption will take place.

if not the worlds
largest manufacture of optical drives, figures to take
advantage of this.

Not only are they scheduling release dates for
new 18x / 20x burners for sometime this year,
they have developed SmartWrite too kick-start
the media even if its not ready. How is that for
a reverse in tactics.

They kindly review the age old question:
“All media is not created equal”, by
highlighting certain manufactures 16x
media that when used with the new units
can actually write at a higher speed.

Now the choice becomes: capacity vs speed.
Those of us in the business, will always choose
speed. Quicker turns means more time for
more jobs.

Something new is taking place at LiteOn.
The view of this manufacture was a low
end volume producer. That has all
changed with Plextor, Toshiba, Dell placing
orders for DVD Drives.




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