Duplication Business will be fun 1st quarter of 07′

31 12 2006

Prodisc Technology, the largest second-tier maker of
optical discs in Taiwan, may sign onto Philips’ Veeza
licensing scheme for CD-R disc patents by the end of this
month because the company has lost some OEM orders
from the US and Europe for lack of a Veeza license. After
years of un-regulated manufacturing an Philips’ worldwide
effort to crack down, were finally going to see structure
added to the market. Obviously this is the blue-print for
DVD which is the root of the current battle between
Blu-Ray and HD DVD.

Today’s Chinese-language Economic Daily News (EDN)
reported that since Taiwan-based optical discs makers such
as CMC Magnetics and Ritek will not run their plants during
the Chinese New Year holiday in mid-February, the monthly
production capacity of DVD discs in the industry as a whole
will shrink by nearly one third. The timing of this news is note
worthly, considering the recent announcement Chinese
developers are ready to release their OWN DVD format.
By elimating the price issue they guarantee a profitable entry.

ScanDisk – #3 of MP3 Players, will display the new
V-Mate at the upcoming CES show.
The V-Mate records
video from an analog
source directly onto
a flash memory card
for playback on a mobile phone, PDA, MP3 player,
portable game console such as the Sony PSP™
(PlayStation® Portable), or notebook computer.
The V-Mate allows users to watch their favorite
videos/shows on the go, whenever, wherever they
like. Really? What happen to MPAA efforts with
Paramount in charging an additional fee for cross playing
content on other devises? (i.e Load N’Go Video)




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