Putting my own collection of albums on CDs ……

18 12 2006

Get those old records
off the shelf
Convert your old vinyl
collection directly to CD
or MP3 via USB.
[Bob Seager get with ION and do a promo on this item.]
Ion Audio iTTUSB Turntable
w/USB and Software.
Now lets take some of the old classics you and I both have
stored awayed and make some good CDs or MP3s for
our grandchildren without the need of paying royality fees
or as I like too harp:
I have been trying to reach ION to get a better
understanding about their ideas, radical and unique
always gets my interest. They are either beginning a
new birth or gettng ready to move underground.
Zzounds.com is carrying the line ION seems
to be wanting to go direct. Another item,
Ion Audio iPA03 Portable PA with iPod Docking
2-way sound. Microphone included. Pole mountable.
Compatible with all iPods with universal docking connector.
Again a simple idea, exploring the usage of these devices.
I enjoy seeing people with the concept of “Why Re-invent
the wheel?” Its just a plug-in make it adaptable. Keep in
mind these same guys are going to display at CES
Show a docking station for showing Video downloads.



2 responses

22 12 2006

The problem is with this is that EVERYONE from Amazon.com on down is out of this item until after Christmas.

27 12 2006

Always nice to see a Chicago homey do good!

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