Sony/Dell Blu-Ray, RIAA for Who? Korean subtitles…

12 12 2006

It’s enough to make you scream. Sony releases a Blu-Ray
player for $1,000, just in case you didn’t buy a PS3 for
$600, so you can watch Blu-Ray movies of titles you
didn’t want to buy on DVD. Of course that is if you
can get your new $5,000 HDTV to work with the
cable an if you have the proper firmware updates.

Dell releases a new notebook ($3,700) with a Blu-Ray
option. $3,700 dollars and I’m still typing keys? Gee,
I forgot its geared toward “gamers” who by definition
are upward mobile, 21 – 35, with the most expendable
income. Not that the Nationwide Foreclosure rate has
increased would mean anything.

Then the RIAA trots in to court to have judges in
California lower the Royalty Payments due artist.
An they are protecting who’s rights?

Just when maybe we can settle down alittle a get
comfortable with the changes, some one hit the
gas pedal an where off on another buying frenzy.
Giving away a DVD Recorder promotion for
cable service is so lame.

Last night my wife an I where watching the
Korean Broadcasting Station(KBS) on
channel 41 here in Chicago. Since the adoption of
English sub-titles, not only has my Korean improved
but watching historical stories they have produced
opens a world of knowledge an history about
Korea I have only begun to appreciate. But here
is the killer, the television a JC Penny model from 1980,
$19 rabbit-ears connected to the back. Great reception,
the station even flashed a notice we should contact
COMCAST so we could have this through our cable
system. My though, forget you. Cable bill is what $90,
because I needed a better line for the expensive
“Entertainment Unit”. What a breath of fresh air,
big bowl of popcorn, beer or 2, my wife wrapped
in a blanket an it only cost me the electric to turn on the set.

The part that really hits home is the quality of the content.
Not the picture scale or color definition, the show itself.
The actors rely on talent to tell a story, not modern day
light-shows an graphics. Don’t be fooled, some battle
scenes are digitized creations, but the mix is so close it
keeps you focused. The theme is universal, the struggle
of people in maintaining honor and respect and when the
people are abused a war breaks out. (Modern day market crash)

Presently I don’t see better “content” with all this new
technology. Same old stuff just cleaner,Titanic still sinks.

Then RIAA wants to lower Royalty payments to artists.
How come artists that go to school for music never
learn business. [I could say the same for lawyers but
that is another story..] Your on the same pay-scale
as a Pro Sports player, you better get up front money
nothing is guaranteed after that. This technology
outburst allows artists to be pirates against the
“music system”. Granted it is a longer road, but
your peers should have taught you. First chance,
go it alone. Your own label, production, studio,
what ever, RIAA is protecting your rights against
piracy, you’ll never see a dime of that, just in case
lower the royalties.

There is not much we can do against public
utilities, but this forced upgrade in peripherals
has got to stop. Choice is not an option anymore.
Doing without has no workable alternative.
Artist wake-up your getting the shaft again….




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