Good Ideas are never your own……

9 12 2006

Just when I thought maybe a new concept of “Preloaded”
devices might be something, a lawyer friend of mine sends
me a link: Eric J. Sinrod – Legal blogger for CNet.

Paramount Pictures is sueing Load N’ Go Video in NY,
the service is illegal.

Normally I would just take the information in stride,
but how can you overlook the 91 posts to the column.
Believe me they come from all angles. What has me
surprised is executives at Paramount does not take
advantage of the possible new service created.

Load N’ Go Video is proof, people are willing to
pay a “fee” for this service. Buy the product and
titles plus the “convience”.

What if someone opened their eyes to possible
increase of sales for people over 40. You could
buy a player for Grandma with Sinatra & Elvis.
These units have over 100mb of storage.
Pre-loaded cards. Now we’re back to hard items
these num-nutts understand.

My call goes out to SONY: show Paramount where
they went wrong. Re-write your licensing agreements
tell me truthfully Samsung/Toshiba would not support
this kind of marketing.




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