Tower Records – GONE

6 12 2006

Tower Records going out of business, after operating
90 US locations the day has finally come

Can we call this the first casuality of Digital Online
Development? Maybe, someone had to fall out
of the sector. A good example would be how
competition was on their door step. Here in chicago more
specific Bloomingdale/Carol Stream – Army Trail trek.
From the parking lot of TR looking south –
alittle to the left TARGET. You’d think one would
put a Guitar Center in to top off the cake.

Without showing age, after the cassest tape,
you most likely did not visit a (Pure) music store.
Why? everything is digital, since needing a
DVD player/CD Recorder it just makes it easier
to shop in one place that has it all. Shopping with kids
changes your approach.

Has anyone gotten a mailer “Without” the 0.99 cent
special to sign up and get 10 titles. But let’s understand
the nature of the beast that is really growing, paying
for music, how obsured. It’s illegal, like that has
really changed minds. Two weeks after the big party
with PS3, everyone starts posting hackers can tap
Blu-Ray disc. How to guides on copying HD DVD/Xbox.

The business model I want, “PRE-LOADED”. Maybe its
just me, but with the size of hand-held players, knowing the
initial price will drop in months to come, if I could get a player
Pre-Loaded with say all the Beatles archives, vintage Lennon
in Germany? Then a band could “BRAND”a player.
Sorry that made sense, music people wouldn’t go for that.

Don’t think I’m too far off, phone boys are already
playing with the fact if your willing to “accept” adverts
on your phone, the service would be “free” That magic
word of acceptance…

2007 Dead-Man Pool – Frys Electronics, online activity
may let them breath alittle longer.




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