Movie house should have profit…

21 11 2006

China-based manufacturers of pre-recorded optical discs
have landed OEM orders from the top eight Hollywood
movie studios…..

was just a matter of time, but follow the progression you
might have lost. Early Spring 06, first Replication
Manufactures Show in China, hailed a success. Two
months later, China announces the largest crack
down on pirates to date. Then the movie industry
has to choose sides on which format can better
protect their revenue, even pushing the Digital Rights
Management (DRM) theme. Now lets throw a little
American Business into the picture….

Do you believe, Replication Manufactures could
have sold their products to “NEW” clients that have
“NO” potential of a ROI. Speaking from a Movie
house, that greats. Thinking pirates are under
control, purely stupid.

History has showed Pirates grow in markets that are
“coming of Age”. China again takes advantage of
short thinking people and starts pulling more
‘manufacturing’ business. If the movie people
really had the noodles, they would contract the
China manufactures for the China market or Asia only
market. Which I’m surprised the “Asian” related
companies here are not trying to develop.
Remember it was only 2 years ago, RITEK USA
made big news about their DVD Plant holding
40% of the market share here in the US.

This kind of thinking goes against any MBA Graduate
looking to make his/her mark on a new company.
Global market, we must think in terms of global
demand and supply. With total disregard too
long term effects is the puzzle. Unless,your
committed to technology, i.e. video download,
shifting your manufacturing for cost is a short-term
solution. Which is all pirates need, the shorter
the better. Are you content the current market place
is determined too follow you and buy new technology?
Unless your market is the “under 40 crowd”,
“wired”,”gamer geek”,”interest only mortgages”,
I think not.

Wonder how many movies will actually work?
Wonder how many will be sent to the right zone?
China is the Wild-West, money talks, pirates have
know that from the beginning…..




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