Still need a disc?

14 11 2006

I’m sure the duplication world is happy. Between Sony
and Microsoft backward compatible an downloading
just hit a snag.

As reported in the Washington Post, with 100,000 PS3
units sold in Japan this past week previous formats are
reporting problems with the new unit. Did we not see
this coming? It will be interesting to hear Sony’s
response,[currently unavailable for comment] another
discouraging move too move forward. Will this also
effect the entire format change? Currently companies
are investigating the move “UP” and this does not help.
Games are one thing, business applications is whole
different ball of wax. Just think what system
librarians/administrators are fearing today.

Microsoft – BBC News watching the release of Zune
an its attempt to gain market share on iPod, reports
downloading tunes from other sources will not
work in Zune. Unless you RIP the files. To most
of us that was a given, MS is known for it’s
“Control”. But now MS positions itself to be successful
by turning their head to users with Pirate tools. But
the real missing link, which is totally beyond me, is
the inability too play Pot Casts. How was that
over-looked? or was it?

These clusters just adds a another day of life to
our business. Sad, we have come to expect more
from these market leaders and each new development
is just another disappointment. How you can
contiunually have bad roll-outs and your customers
kill each other too get their hands on it, is one trick
to success I for one would love to master.

I’m sure Scandisk is havinga dounut day today….




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