Everybody does duplication today…

10 11 2006
This past week I’ve been pretty much involved watching
the changing horizon with duplication services, mainly
the number of “New” facilities that cover a given area.

Considering most woke-up last week to this business,
it can be a good thing for the consumers/businesses
needing this service. Good because with competition
the common thread is price. Bad because the only
thing that seperates competition is price. Prospects
become blind to importance of other areas in production.

We conducted an un-offical survey of some local “duplication”
services and found some pretty scary situations:

* Regardless of price they would beat it
{we returned the call 10 minites later with their price
and got a lower quote}
* Mastering Service – editing of CD or DVD is not available
* No offer of proofs prior to production {unless we asked}
* Some still use sticky lables

It is exciting too see this market mature to some degree, with
the local print shop, office supply and even the camera store
offering duplication service. But when the marketing campaign
is focused on just price, we get scared. Not because
we would loose business, but the ending result would
ruin the prospect for years. You get what you pay for.

We enjoy building long-term relationships. We really don’t
like getting into the hard: just give me a price! We might
not like you. Our focus is your entire project:

* What are the discs for?
* How do plan on distributing?
* Have you done this before?
* If your in the area, would like us to come by,
pick-up your master/artwork and deliver it?
* Do you need graphic help with your label and inserts?
* Is there budget concerns?
* would you like to hear about some options?

Maybe its a poor business practice on our part,
more service than price.And maybe you do know
everything there is to know. We might not be the
service for you, this is suppose to be fun. Believe me
some projects we get kept us laughing for months.

So the next time your boss drops a request on your
desk to seek out sources or pricing. Call us first, the
least we can do is help you get some questions
arranged an better prepare you on your quest.
This is fun, life and death are for other people….




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