Change in the air…..

8 11 2006

Well today is the day of change, hope you went an cast your
vote, I voted early. Here in Illinois we have the Green Party,
Rich Whitney, candidate for Governor, there position is we’re
going from a party that is shameless to one that is spineless,
such encouragement. The more things change, the more they
stay the same.

Thank heavens I’m in the technology business, you sit still
in this sector and get run-over.

You ready for next Friday, 17th. PS3 release. I’ll bet
more people stand in-line outside there local stores too
be one of the lucky few, than actually vote today. Now
if someone got smart at Microsoft or Sony an actually
TIMED a release date around election day, taking time
off to vote would mean something. And with so many
“geeks” in one polling place how could any election
volunteer have a problem. Grand Thief Auto takes
a new vision, escape with the prize, elected office.
If not, your sentence: a real job.

My postings on Digital Rights Management (DRM)
has coincided with others in efforts to bring this issue
mainstream. Check out Peter Jenner’s interview
with The Registar, UK publication, blunt, pretty
much covers it. Don’t get me wrong DRM is a good
thing, protect the artist interest. Artist, not the
marketing machine behind it. Individual rights,
Yes. Corporate BIG business right to abuse, NO.

I started asking band’s [we do CDs/DVDs for]are they going
too sell the disc on-line whole or individual song tracks?
Shocking number had no idea about the choice. I bring
this up because outlets are looking at this concept more
closely. How many times did you want to get just a
couple tracks without buying the whole disc?

Philips…..for some reason never looked at the stocking
reports before releasing Colored Lightscribe Media Disc’s.
The print didn’t change just the color of the disc. Which
other OEM’s have tried to sell with little or no success.
Except that Black CD-R we were able to get, you
know the one that actually worked in PS2 and XBox’s
for copying games. The minute that got out, stock
dried up everywhere. Truth be known, no-one
really cared until DRM started to raise it’s head.




One response

8 11 2006
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