Lawyers, iPods, Podcasting, Digital Rights……

26 10 2006

Many of you have inquired about the legal references or links
associated with this blog, there is a reason.

Digital Rights Management (DRM) or Copy Right Laws
have forced its subject matter to the forefront of this
business, duplication. Music (Napster) downloads first
lead this charge. YouTube sale to Google threw another
log on that fire. And Tuesdays announcement of Adobe’s
beta version of Digital Edition, [which “carefully”
worded allows users to READ media content such as
eBooks, digital publications and so forth], just keeps
the steam blowing. Remember a couple months ago
Google and Yahoo were going to download
publications, that idea met a hail-storm. So Google
took the high road and just bought a video source.

Well the Legal community may seem slow at times
(lethargic more like it), when adopting new technology.
But among the troops are some pioneers. Denise Howell,
{admittedly caught by surprise}monitored a discussion
on this subject. It made its appearance on TWiT.TV.
Along with Cathy Kirkman, Ernie Svenson and
John Palfrey, distinguished Legal bloggers, had a sit-down
with Hank Barry, the former CEO of Napster.

Granted the audio needs alot of work, but let’s take
a moment, thank them for their efforts and encourage
them too continue, THIS ISSUE IS NOT GOING
AWAY. The introduction provides numerous links
that needs following. Some of the comments posted
provided “constructive” analysis, personality arrives
after the comfort zone is achieved. I applaud their effort.

We can all benefit on educating ourselves. Atleast there is
now some forum with professional responses vs the
numerous “want a be’s” that believe “ripping and hacking”
are just part of the everyday culture an by-passing code
is a given right.

What can really help is passing this link along to any lawyer.
Why? Some still need a better understanding about this
blogging theme. Others who are ready,(under 40 crowd),
can visit the American Bar Association(ABA) and
actually get preloaded iPODS. Mind you, this is
Continual Learning Education (CLE) programming which
each attorney in each state must maintain, but it’s an iPod.

Scotch replaces beer but they can bend an elbow with
the rest of us too: LED ZEPPLIN, NEIL YOUNG
and AC/DC. Artist of all forms need to protect their
content, it would be nice if the representation was “wired”.

DOWNLOADING is mainline, its beyond music now….




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