Duplicators – Apple compatible….about time.

20 10 2006

In recent months we have been subjected to numerous
advertisements reflecting manufactures abilities to
adopt Apple compatibility. Wee…

Correct me for being so blunt, 80+% of the graphics
market is created on Apple/Mac units yet only recently
duplication units can now interfaced with the creator?
Understanding the numbers game, you have to address
the biggest potential market place vs the most common.
Apple is for creation, PC is the work horse of production.
But why did it take so long, you think sales might be
down or lower than expected?

Along comes Lightscribe, the all-in-one burner and
label maker. Again, after months of market awareness
and basic OEM installations in numerous PC makers
packages, Lightscribe comes to Apple…Wee..

Lightscribe does not pose any threat to duplicators
but it does raise some important issues that are too
easily overlooked. Burn speed issues have been
addressed, however the bug that crawls up my butt
and dies, “PROPRIETARY MEDIA”. How many times does
someone need to get hit in the head with that bat.
Rimage started this game with their “authorized”
media list.

Consumables have always been the volume maker
regardless of the sector. Even General Motors/Ford
had to address it by sell the concept of “genuine
Authorized Parts”. Disc media had a far more impact,
once Ritek took off as the Premier OEM manufacture
the flood gates were open. Remember it was only
8 months ago you could walk into any office product
store or Best Buy, Circuit City or national chain
an be overwhelmed with the branded choices of media.
Consumers were in heaven….

Lightscribe brings the flavor manufactures like,
embedded loyalty. The drive actually looks for
code and will not “Print” on “others” media. This
does not effect the burn portion, only rendering
half the drives usage. It does return the user to
buying “Authorized” media from the manufacture.

Keep in mind this solution has a limited scope,
color is still based on actual “gray scales”. The
target market is those creating simple 1 copy discs,
home usage or to some degree business application
of storing and distributing information. Apple/MAC
users want creative color presentations the label
is key. You would be surprised how projects get put
on hold over the color “GREEN”. Then the other issue
…flip the disc over. Time is always a key component
in development/production, burn the disc, flip the disc,
print the disc. It does not take long for that scenaniro
to wear thin.

Proprietary media with limited printing ability.
Give an artist #10 bond paper and #2 pencil tell
him/her these are special tools which only I can
provide….that should work…




One response

23 10 2006
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