Pirates – Evil, maybe…..

12 10 2006

Disc manufacturing and duplication in general have been
in the headlines focusing on two areas:

* How big will Blu-Ray disc’s get…
{Sony is already announcing 50GB}
* What additional limitations will be put on media
to prevent coping of material.

The second opens a world of discussions. But let me first
clear some matters up. Pirates in the simplest form have no
respect for copy-written protected material. A protected
right of an individual in a democratic society, which
implies giving along with getting. We all agree, when profit
is added to this equation, that becomes a no-brainer.

A line is currently being drawn to eliminate the possibility
all together. Hence, protective code which will not allow you
to play a “Purchased” DVD in your home PC. Of course,
solutions around this little annoyance have been developed.
The concept of how far they (manufacturers)want to reach
in so called protecting the revenue streams is compelling.

From the stand point of a duplicator, with tongue in check,
we are bound to honor this. Yes, we do reject projects that
have copy-written material on it. And the lure of big $$$$$
does make you wonder. Considering only a handful get caught
and less ever really pay the price.

Remember the guy from Miami who got 6 years for his
actions. They still don’t know how much money he
actually made. Most likely put it in some off-shore
account say Cayman Island. Of the 6, he’ll spend what
24 or 36 months tops in some minimum security “Holiday Inn”.
3 squares, a cot, roof over his head, internet access to
plan his next adventure while watching his investments
gain dividens on our dime. When released, he goes, no
opportunity of returning (USA) like that is some big prize.
Makes you think: 36 months, get the balance on a island
in a tax shelter with satellite TV, an we’re suppose to
support the MEGA Monster for this action considering
they spend the same amount on corporate retreats and perks.

The movie gods will attempt to follow a path the Record Lords
used in bringing Napster to its end, kill the source feed.
Which in this case happens to be GOOGLE. Did you just feel
your options got smaller.

The beauty of this free society is it’s ability too have
good and bad work side by side. Pirates are bad, but if it
causes the price of originals to drop below $10, which is
the only real way of eliminating it, then Thank you Pirates.

Almost forgot, too duplicate you need duplicators and
supplies. At the level we’re talking that’s a few disc’s,
jewel cases and inserts. Who else made money on this
transaction? Phone rang, someone needs 75,000 copies
delivered to a pier in Miami by next Friday at 1:00pm,
wire-transfer, pre-paid, what should we do?




One response

16 10 2006

I’m certainly not in your industry and really have very little interest past my own dvdburner but I’ve got to say I really enjoyed reading – it’s well written – glad I stumbled across it. Cheers!

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