DRM as in Digital Rights Management

5 10 2006

Digital Rights Management(DRM) has left the building and headed to a street corner near you.

Oct 3, DefectivebyDesign.org staged worldwide anti-DRM campaigns targeting Big media,manufactures and distributors.

DRM is that little code inserted too “control” the usage of the material. Adding more direct control over the distribution of the content.

Karaoke people and those of us hunting the world for the best possible price, understand ZONE FREE. Well the big boys got smarter and buried the code. The group’s goal is too attract the attention of BONO. With U2’s indorsment of iTunes, Apple skyrocketed, quess what, they all have DRM code.




2 responses

6 10 2006
6 10 2006

A pox on all their houses!!!

Their thinking is defective by design. Just because something is digital and on your computer does NOT mean ‘anything goes’. That’s the justification for all types of piracy.

Will they next go after stock photograpy sites for watermarking their images… or boycott Adobe for allowing PDFs to have password protection?

Truly, reality escapes these ‘protesters’. They have no regard for creative professionals, intellectual property holders or copyright laws.

And they have the nerve to ask for donations… sheesh. how pathetic.

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