Disc Content Ideas…….

3 10 2006

Last few days I’ve been searching around looking for development tools to help build better content for Disc Duplication projects. Generally, we have come too the conclusion PowerPoint is the main tool of choice, with that said:

MASTER VIEWS – a good all round site with tips, concepts and tools too spice your ideas.

Business Bibs – we have heard of back-drops, this takes a new level of FUN. Some muchthey even got mentioned in the New York Times. What a Slogan: You want sleeves buy a suit.

BA Magazine – Are you known by your initials? Turn those letters into a terrific signature.Download the .pdf good stuff.

With 4th quarter starting, everyone is gearing up to finish the year on a high note. Take a moment a revise your presentation, don’t re-invent the wheel, try adding alittle spice. Ask yourself some key questions:

  1. Will the viewer be motivated to act
  2. Will the point be simple, direct and conclusive
  3. Will we leave an impression, one they remember.
  4. Will they question, How did they do that?

The first run had a result, now can you increase the results without a major over-haul.




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