It’s all about the money………..

27 09 2006

Memorex introduces Inkjet Printable media w/Water-Resistant Surface,{same surface as Imation – parent company} Memorex Retail – Imation for channel distribution. Ritek announces Ridata Pro Series, not sure what this is all about except a marketing effort. Both claiming world leader in media acceptance amoung duplicators.

The news you should be watching [DigiTimes provided the update] is Ritek has accepted Philips Veeza licensing agreement. Over the last few months, Philips was not getting their royalty fees. Manufactures were holding back the money, saying the fees were too high. The underlining part of the Veeza agreement is extending from CD-R to recordable DVD discs. Philips reduced the royalty charge for recordable DVD Discs from US$0.06 to US$0.035. Now do you see the light……

Sony and Toshiba will do just about anything to reap half of that potential total. Now comes the question of relations between Taiwanese companies and Japan. And if any of you feel politics does not play a role you better find a different source for news. Japan has a new Prime Minister, that wants a seat on the UN Security Counsel. China has veto rights. South Korean Foreign Minister Ban Ki-Moon seems the early front-runner to take the Top Position once it becomes available at the end of the year. Lets not forget the Olympic in Bejin, where China has favored Samsung over others. Recently Japan questioned the quality level of products made in the region, but they still want that royalty.

Releases of 16x DVD burners has sparked some interest. Atleast from those who have yet to make any commitment to the new format. New Medium Enterprises, UK reports finding a way to manufacture cheap, multi-layer DVD’s, capable of holding a movie in a number of different formats. Like Sony and Toshiba did not know that…..

Technology brings change. What I enjoy watching is the by-products. Noticed the most recent headline – iPod running Windows Business Apps. You have to download everything…. Virtual distribution….

The disc will fall the way of the floppy disc, it just won’t go away…..




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30 09 2006
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