What will Business do about Disc Duplication?

25 09 2006

Weathering through the storm (HD DVD vs Blu-Ray), those of us coming from the manufacturing world await the announcement from PC makers which way they will go. Apple weights in by not making anything standard and leaves the choice as “Optional”. EngadgetHD.com brings this question forward for its readers and the soldiers speak. System sells increased when the CD-Rom or DVD reader/writer became standard.

Mike Curtis (hdforindies.com)addresses this with some important points for consideration. The one we enjoy is the Downloadable comment. Apple gets it, control the content delivery.

Chris from Qj.net takes it even further, iPod and Zune besting Blu-Ray and HD-DVD altogether. Of course,we have to take a breath with this. Seeing the potential end of your business is not a pretty sight. But, as my long-term pal would say, “they said the same thing about print shops”.

Our take, iTunes only enhances our status. Because this process is still all-long way off. Making duplication the easiest and simplest method for business. And we are talking business here, they have only grasped the beginnings of media usage. Disc duplication will be the first step in propelling traditional companions into the new age. Budget re-strictions will see to that.




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10 07 2009

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