Let the titants fight, gamers will decide the outcome..

22 09 2006

Sony reacts to Microsoft’s HD DVD & 1080p announcement

Back and forth, where is reality TV when we need it. Wife-Swap, Dancing with Stars, American Idol, hey Donald instead of this Golf thing{which is great}, why not pit your stella group with a REAL World challenge. Take a Game Manufacture, [one that has too pin-his-future to what happens next] bring the game to market choosing the best path, HD DVD or Blu-Ray. I’m sure you could find a Asian Game company that would love to take part in this, Global Market. Under 35 buying Group.

Back to earth, of course Sony is going to react. CD Freaks members look for this kind of up to date info. The battle will be decided by gamers, not us storage, movie and music people. If I could figure out how to hook up a remote Joy Stick to my duplicators…
..these are the people that can give insight to content development use with new multi-layed disc vs just large discs. Reports are leaking out about the number of titles to be release on each format, but the gamers are already attacting the content. We have seen the advent of “Sponsership” ads in games from large companies, animation has taken hold of many a viewer. When is America’s business going to wake up and use this? If you think it does not apply, remember that next time you watch South Park.

Technology has a stereo-type attached “Geek”. We {as duplicators}need to move from beyond completing a service and start taking a little more ownership of the projects. Sometimes I do take a disc and review the content, not the typical stuff {breaks, broken-links, errors}but do I get their message -Without falling asleep from …..

Impact Engine is a simple cost effective online solution to these relative ho-hum Power Points. Sure some duplication houses offer mastering, of content you provide, we do. But what I’m addressing is sharing a view, outside a companies inner circle in bringing life to this media. Content is an always will be KING




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