CD or DVD disc – lure to a web site….

20 09 2006

Fishermen use lures, different colors, shapes and present them different ways to figure out what the fish want to bite. This basic principle does not change when addressing new clients. But was is fundamental is the preperation.

We need to spend more time pre-planning. There has to be a link between the CD and said objective. Most projects we recieve relate too one aspect, presenting a new project/item. Then this presentation is self consuming and ends with the disc. Why stop there? The hinden purpose should be to push the client towards the web site. Making a marketing disc does not need to fall pray to “printed” materials one basic flaw, time relavence. The disc should focus on addressing the clients reason for selecting your service/product as it relates to their current need. Projecting the desire to act upon this, clicking thru to your site.

You don’t change printed business cards that often, a disc offers different opportunities. The ability to forge the path you want them to follow, directing the course of action.

Trade shows are a classic proving ground. The additional money spent on retrieving the clients information for follow-up, needs to be enhanced with a pro-active measuring tool. Everyone wants instant results but you have to lay the ground work. Clients want to view information without the assistance of additional sales reps, control the viewing. Having the client click thru to the general front page is OK, but then their free to room around and you just lost control. Or in most cases, the interest of the client.

Add a touch of personal awareness. With a new prospect, have them land on a page not found from the site. Thank them of using the disc, {which is the only way they could get there}and introduce them to what they may find or what you should suggest. This landing page becomes more than just a intro, your now able to monitor the activity from an OUTSIDE source. How many show attendees actually used the disc? What click-thru paths did they follow from the landing page? Add an incentive, a discount on said services or product but only when they use the disc and follow the path.

If done right, this process can be used over and over again. You have a standardized disc. The only thing that has to be addressed, the contents of the landing page.




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