18 09 2006

-New disc supports both standard DVD and HD DVD on a single disc-

Tokyo–Memory-Tech Corporation and Toshiba Corporation today announced the latest advance in DVD disc technology: a jointly developed, single-sided, three-layer ROM disc supporting high capacity storage and playback of both DVD and HD DVD formats.

Give that group a cigar. Finally someone took a step in the right direction. This is what supporting your partners is all about. Picture this, being able to “Buy” a movie for my collection that is already on a disc in both formats. That way when I do decide to upgrade, buying a NEW disc is not part of the equation. Plus the added incentive to focus on ONE format over the other.

Sony will use their PlayStations as the inroads too Blu-Ray. Toshiba took the high road by addressing the most important – backward compatibility.

Obviously, we are still subjected to the two camps fighting for market control and domination. But you have to admire Toshiba’s position, they are focused on the Opitcal Storage sector of large corporations. Understanding the idea of change or in this case, complete upgrading of a storage system is not in many budget plans. Knowing now you can actually plan the migration of hardward installations, because the media is in place. Adds great weight in the decision making process of any CFO.

The disc has always been the key component, finally the horse can lead the wagon.




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